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There is no point in rigging the competitive exam! Ten years imprisonment along with fine up to Rs 1 crore

The government has taken strict steps regarding the leaking of papers of competitive examinations. The rigging in competitive examinations had become a headache for the governments of various states including the Central Government. Continuous efforts were being made to stop this. But now strict action has been taken to stop rigging. A provision was introduced in the Lok Sabha on Monday to prevent irregularities in competitive examinations. In which, if a person commits a crime related to irregularities during examinations, he can be punished with imprisonment ranging from three to five years. Apart from this, a fine of up to Rs 10 lakh will also be imposed.

High level technical committee will keep an eye 
If there is organized crime related to competitive examination, then there will be a jail term of 10 years. There may be punishment. There is also a provision for a fine of up to Rs 1 crore. Union Minister of State Jitendra Singh introduced the bill. Exam  To make the bill more stringent, it has been said that a high level technical committee will be formed. Which will keep an eye on the exam process through computer so that no irregularities occur. This committee is related to law  Will also give some recommendations.    

Gujarat took initiative 
Incidents of rigging are heard every day in the competitive examinations held in all the states​he is. But the state of Gujarat took initiative to deal with this problem. This state brought its own law. Keeping this in mind, the government has made a central law because this has become a problem for all the states. Under this, joint entrance examination and university entrance examinations will be included. 
These examinations will be within the scope 
This  Under the law, competitive examinations of UPSC, SSC, RRB, IBPS, staff related to ministries and departments of the Central Government, NTA and other authorities related to the Central Government are included  Has been done. 
Student  No action will be taken against mafia 
It is being told that  In this mess, organized crime, mafia and people involved in this rigging and nexus will be considered more guilty than the students, hence action will be taken against the mafia instead of the students. 
DSP will investigate 
There is a provision in the bill that related to competitive examination  Any  If any discrepancy is found, it will be investigated by the DSP or Assistant Commissioner of Police. The Central Government will entrust this investigation to the Central Agency  Can.  Changes made by the candidate under this examination will be considered non-ethical. 


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