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These five mistakes can prove costly while preparing for the Delhi Judicial Services Examination, correct them today.

Delhi Judiciary Service Exam 2023 Preparation Tips: There is only a little time left for the conduct of Delhi Judicial Service Pre Examination. Candidates preparing for this exam do not prepare for each stage, keeping all three stages in mind. After the declaration of Pre results, there is not much time available for Mains, hence it is better to take a complete and balanced approach. There has been a lot of discussion about what to do in preparation for this exam, but there are some mistakes which are important to avoid. Today let’s talk about five such mistakes which you should avoid.

Give importance to every subject, do not ignore maths

Many times, some candidates either completely leave or ignore the subjects in which they are weak. If a similar condition is with you then avoid it. Especially do not ignore the subject of Maths. Skipping it will reduce your chances of selection because every year a large number of candidates appear in the examination and the competition is strong.

Taking deep knowledge from editorial

To prepare for this exam, it is not only important to read the newspaper but deep knowledge of its editorial is also important. Therefore, do not read the paper immediately but understand deeply what is said in the newspaper articles.

Don’t save too many topics for the end

Many times, some candidates have this habit of leaving difficult subjects or those which they do not understand, for the end. Many times this leaves so much syllabus left in the end that it becomes a problem. Don’t do this and whatever you don’t understand, finish it before the end comes.

Analyzing Preparation

Continuing studies in only one direction does not work. It is important that you also analyze your preparation. For this, keep giving mock tests from time to time. With this, you will get to know about time management and week areas in time. Do not ignore mock tests and start giving papers from the very beginning.

Making notes for revision

No one can deny that if you do not revise what you have read then everything is useless. Whether you study for 5 hours a day or 8 hours. Therefore, it would be better to keep making notes together. It will take time at that time but will help a lot later. Revision will be done easily at the end. If you do not like this method then choose some other method as per your choice but give full importance to revision.

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