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This year there will be a surge of jobs in these areas, there will be a lot of jobs available!

Top In-Demand Jobs Of 2024: The new year has come and with it the question also comes in the minds of the youth that in which field they will get a good job this year. Which course to do or which field to join according to your interest so that your chances of getting a job increase. Although nothing can be said very strongly about the market trend, but looking at the trend and demand of the last years, some fields can be named where there is a possibility of getting a good job. Today let us know about some such jobs, which can be in demand.

Digital Marketing Specialist

It would not be wrong to say that today is the time of digital marketing. The amount of promotion that is done through this medium is not achieved through any other medium. In such a situation, if you are interested then you can make a career in this field. These bring traffic to different businesses from websites and other online platforms. Their annual salary can range from Rs 5 to 13 lakh.

cloud developer

These are those professionals who work for cloud solutions. A good career can be made in this field also. You get a good salary right from the time you join here. The average salary can range from Rs 9-10 lakh to Rs 23-25 ​​lakh per year. They work with companies like IBM, Dell, BMC.

Blockchain Developer/Engineer

It would not be wrong if blockchain is called the career of the future. These are the engineers who design, develop platforms for blockchain networks and provide support where necessary. Their average salary can be between 10 to 12 lakhs. After experience they earn well.

data analyst

Today is the era of data. Handling it is an even more difficult task. Companies prefer to hire such professionals who can not only handle their data but can also organize it and protect it from theft etc. A good career can be made in this field also. The average salary here can be 10 to 11 lakh rupees.

content creator

With the increasing use of digital media, content creators have become in demand. Everyone needs content for their product that is authentic. So if you are creative then you can join this field. Here the initial salary can range from Rs 4-5 lakh per year to Rs 7-8 lakh.

product manager

These are those professionals who are involved from the development of a product till its distribution. These are in great demand these days. After having experience in this field, one can easily earn Rs 15-16 lakh per year.

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