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What will get the most points in Nursery Admission, keep this in mind before applying.

Delhi Nursery Admission 2024 Selection Process: The process of admission is going on in nursery schools of Delhi. In such a situation, many important questions arise like how to apply, what is the age limit, who gets reservation etc. One such important question is which thing gets more points. Before reaching any conclusion, let us understand that the rules of every school may be different to some extent. It is possible that some schools may give more points for one thing and others for something else. Therefore, it would be better if you contact the school for accurate information. We are sharing the general rules with you here.

What gets more points?

  • Point system works at the time of nursery admission. There are some criteria and on fulfilling them, points are given to the candidate.
  • In the end, the one who has more points gets the first place in the merit list. These points decide how and what the chances of getting admission will be.
  • In this regard, the most important point which has the most points is the distance of the school from home. Children whose house is near the school get more points and are given priority.
  • This happens according to km. 1 to 3 km, 3 to 6 km and 6 to 9 km. The shorter the distance, the more points are given.
  • Use Google Map to calculate distance otherwise there is a possibility of mistake.
  • After this the next criteria is that of sibling. If one of your children is already studying there, then you also get points.
  • The third point is alumni connection. If you or your partner has studied from this school then you will get benefit.
  • Some schools give preference to the first child, some schools to girls and some schools to single parents.
  • It depends on different schools as to how many points they give for each subject. Therefore, it would be better to visit the official website of the school to get detailed information.

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