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Will not give up…this student is appearing for 10th class exam even after losing one hand to cancer

The destination is reached only by those who have life in their dreams, wings do not help, flying happens only with courage. A 16-year-old student from West Bengal has done this. The student lost his right hand due to cancer. Now he is giving his 10th class board exam by writing with his left hand.

According to reports, 16-year-old Shubjit Biswas, resident of Nadia district of West Bengal, has lost his right hand due to cancer. Who is giving the 10th class board exam with his left hand. He is a resident of Haripur Narapatipara village of Shantipur area. In the last few months he has learned to write with his left hand. Their exam center is Narsinghpur High School.

Talking to the media, the Principal of this school, Soumitra Bidyarth, said that all medical help has been kept ready for the student. But the student neither asked for extra time for the exam nor chose the option of getting it written by someone else. At the same time, the student said that a few years ago he had a tumor in his right arm and later it was found to be cancer. After which, after initial diagnosis in Kolkata, he was treated in Bengaluru. Due to the problem, the family had to stay there for two years, but his hand could not be saved.

continuous efforts

Student Shubjit Biswas said his right hand was amputated from the elbow in December last year. Since then he was trying to write with his left hand. There were problems in the beginning due to which he became emotional but did not give up and started improving with practice and now he is able to write with the other hand. Due to the treatment expenses, the financial condition of the family was also affected.

What did uncle say?

The student’s father Inderjit Biswas earlier worked as a weaver in a handloom unit. But now he works as a construction worker in Kolkata. While his mother works as a domestic help. After the marriage of his two sisters, the student now lives with his uncle and aunt. The student’s uncle Arijit Biswas said that his parents are under the burden of debt due to the expenses incurred during his treatment. He has nothing left except a small house. We have great faith in God, he will succeed.

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