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After Raha Kapoor, now this star kid’s blue eyes are being discussed.

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Know who is the blue eyed star kid

Bollywood’s star kids have a different charm. From social media to B-town parties, these star kids remain in style. Many star kids are making waves in Bollywood by posting their pictures on social media. While many have been launched under big banners, some remain away from the limelight. One of these star kids is Akshay Kumar’s son Aarav. Aarav does not stay in limelight that much. Although sometimes he is seen on social media. Meanwhile, recently a picture of his has surfaced on social media, in which fans are seen falling in love with his eyes. Seeing this picture, you will also say that Aarav should definitely make his career as a hero in films. After all he is so handsome.

This picture of Aarav caught people’s attention

Well, ever since Alia and Ranbir have shown the glimpse of their daughter Raha, discussions about Raha’s cuteness are being heard everywhere. Most people are seen praising Raha’s eyes. Meanwhile, recently a picture of Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna’s son Aarav has created a stir on social media.

Fans were impressed by Aarav’s eyes

In this picture that has surfaced, fans are not tired of praising Aarav’s blue eyes and his cute smile. In this picture, a girl is also seen with Aarav Bhatia, seeing which people are now curious to know who is this girl with him. So let us tell you that the girl seen in this picture with Aarav Bhatia is his cousin. Sister is Naomika. She is the daughter of Twinkle’s sister Rinke Khanna. Naomika is 18 years old, while Aarav is 20 years old. While on one hand everyone is seen praising Aarav after this picture surfaced, on the other hand some fans are also seen falling in love with Naomika’s beauty. These pictures of both brother and sister are currently popular on social media. Some fans are even advising Aarav to do Hollywood films.

Aarav has no interest in acting

Let us tell you that at present Aarav has no plans to enter films. Aarav is studying. Aarav is fond of painting like his mother. Akshay Kumar has also told in one of his old interviews that Aarav is not interested in acting. He wants to take his son forward as per his wishes.

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