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In Nepal, the bus suddenly left the road and fell into the river, 12 people including 2 Indians died.

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There is news of a horrific bus accident in Nepal. The accident occurred in Lumbini province of Nepal. It is being told that a bus suddenly lost its control while traveling on the road and fell into the Rapti river. At least 12 people, including two Indian citizens, died and 23 others were injured in the accident. All the injured have been admitted to the nearest hospital. This information was given in a media report on Saturday. The condition of many of the injured is said to be critical. The causes of the accident are being investigated.

The accident occurred late on Friday night when the bus going from Nepalgunj to Kathmandu fell into the Rapti river below the Bhaglubung bridge on the East-West Highway, The Kathmandu Post reported. “Twelve people died after a bus fell into the Rapti river,” the report said. The dead include two Indian citizens. A total of 23 people were injured in this accident. Police sub-inspector Sundar Tiwari said, “All the injured were taken to Nepalgunj Medical Teaching Hospital in Kohalpur for treatment.” Police said that the reason for the accident is not clear yet. However, the life of bus driver Lal Bahadur Nepali (28) was saved in the accident. The police have detained him for questioning. According to Nepal Police, the real reason for the accident can be told only after thoroughly interrogating the bus driver. (Language)

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