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Former PepsiCo CEO Indira Nooyi advised Indian students in America to be ‘vigilant’, said – avoid drugs – India TV Hindi

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Indira Nooyi (file photo)

New York: Amidst the tragic and worrying incidents involving Indian students in America, former PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi has advised them (students) to be ‘vigilant’ and respect local laws. Nooyi has urged students to avoid consuming drugs or excessive alcohol here for their own safety.

Nui released the video

Nooyi, considered one of the most powerful and influential entrepreneurs across the world, has released a more than 10-minute long video advising Indian students coming to the US to be safe and cautious and avoid activities that could lead to trouble. India’s Consul General in New York posted this video on ‘X’ on Thursday.

What did Nui say in the video

Nooyi said in the video, “The reason I am recording this video is to talk to all you youth who are thinking of coming to America or have already come here for studies, because I am concerned about the unfortunate situation of Indian students. I am reading and hearing news about many incidents of getting stuck in situations.” He said, ”It is up to you to make sure that you do what you can to stay safe. Stay within the law, do not go to deserted places alone at night, please avoid drugs or excessive drinking. These are all ways to avoid disaster.”

‘Who are you making friends?’

Nooyi also urged students coming to the US to “choose your university and course carefully.” He said, “When you come to America, be very careful in the first months of coming here, especially who you make friends, what new habits you develop and how you deal with cultural changes, because for you you have to It’s easy to take advantage of the freedom you have and think you have to use everything. Be very, very cautious.”

Worrying issues are coming to light

Nooyi has given this message at a time when many worrying cases related to the safety of Indian students have come to light in America. Several cases of deaths of Indian and Indian-origin students since the beginning of this year have created concern among the community. Language

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