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From becoming a priest to attempting suicide, this is how Kailash Kher’s life took a turn, he became a top singer.

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Kailash Kher.

Kailash Kher, who sings songs in a completely different style, out of the league, does not need any identity. Kailash Kher, who lent his voice to superhit songs like ‘Alah Ke Bande Hanste’ and ‘Toota Toota Ek Parinda’, was not always a singer. He tried a lot and then chose the path of Bollywood. His life was never simple. Many times he got derailed and many times he had to be frustrated and upset. He faced many failures before getting the train of life back on track. Due to this he also had to suffer from severe depression. This depression was so severe on the singer that he even chose the difficult path of suicide.

…when Kailash jumped into the Ganga

Two years ago, Kailash Kher made many revelations while talking to ANI and told what happened in his life before becoming a singer. Singer told that he tried many things to earn his living. At the age of 20-21, he started export work in full swing in Delhi. He used to sell handicrafts in Germany. A difficult period came and his business collapsed. He tried to manage it, but since he could not manage it, another option came before him. After this he went to Rishikesh, where he had gone to become a Pandit. After reaching there he felt that he was not fitting in there. Most of his friends were younger than him. In such a situation, there was difference of opinion. After giving up on this work too, Kailash Kher felt that he was unsuccessful in everything. He became very disappointed by this and took the difficult step of suicide. He jumped into the river Ganga, but luckily he survived and also failed in suicide.

The man slapped me hard

Kailash Kher further said, ‘A man present on the ghat immediately jumped into the Ganga and he saved me. He asked, ‘If you don’t know how to swim, why should you jump?’ I told him in reply to die and after hearing about my suicide, he slapped me hard on the head. After this matter he locked himself in his room and kept thinking. He contemplated his existence and tried to connect with God.

Ganga showed the way

Kailash Kher came to Mumbai after crossing the age of 30 and at that time he had life experience. He had come to know the difference between right and wrong. His love for music was unwavering and that is why he got the opportunity to sing and he also became successful. Now the actor believes that the same Ganga in which he had jumped to die, Mother Ganga showed him the path to Mumbai and her success is also due to her blessings. Let us tell you that the singer has lent his voice to many superhit songs like ‘Teri Deewani’, ‘Saiyan’, ‘Chand Sifarish’, ‘Yun Hi Chala Chal Rahi’, ‘Ya Rabba’ and ‘Arziyan’.

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