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Do fingers and toes swell in cold? Know what to do and what not to do.

Fingers Swelling: There is an outbreak of cold wave in North India. Hands and feet are chilled due to cold. Due to severe cold, many people get swelling in their hands and toes. Fingers start turning red and blue, there is also the problem of itching (Fingers Swelling). In such a situation, the number of patients in the skin department of the hospital has increased rapidly. Due to falling temperature, cold has increased and people are facing skin related problems. Let us know what this problem is, why it occurs and what is its treatment…

Why do fingers swell in cold?

According to health experts, when cold winds blow, the veins of the body start shrinking. Its biggest impact is on blood circulation. Blood clots start forming in hands and legs. In such a situation the fingers start turning red. Along with this, swelling also starts occurring in them. After some time this swelling increases so much that the fingers turn red and blue.

What to do if fingers swell

The doctor says that one should not panic when fingers swell in the cold or become red-blue. This is also one of the common problems occurring in winter. In such a situation, instead of getting worried and being careless, one should immediately consult a doctor to solve the problem.

Ways to reduce swelling of fingers

According to the doctor, if there is swelling or itching in the fingers and toes during cold weather, then first of all keep the hands and feet in a blanket for some time. Gradually, when the temperature becomes normal, this problem occurring in the body will also be cured. Keep in mind that do not bring your fingers directly in contact with any hot object, because this can increase the problem instead of reducing it.

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