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Once earned her living by washing utensils in people’s homes, today she is called a social media star – India TV Hindi

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Social media influencer expressed his pain on Dance Deewane show

These days, social media is definitely a great platform to create your own identity. In today’s time, social media influencers are no less than celebs. Millions and crores of people follow him. But reaching here is not easy for everyone. There are many social media influencers who have suffered a lot before reaching this success, one of them is Varsha Solanki who remains in the headlines for her Instagram reels. Fans burst into laughter after watching Varsha Solanki’s reels. But do you know how much pain Varsha Solanki, who makes everyone laugh, has faced in real life.

Varsha Solanki told the story of her poverty

Actually, Varsha Solanki is currently seen in the show ‘Dance Deewane’. During this show, Varsha Solanki, who made everyone laugh with her reels, has narrated her real story to the fans, which will fill your heart with joy. Recently, Varsha Solanki has shared a video of herself from this show which is currently going viral on social media. In this video, Varsha Solanki is seen narrating the story of her childhood. Varsha is telling how she and her sister grew up in poverty and how their single mother raised them.

Varsha along with her mother washed utensils in people’s homes

Varsha is seen saying in the video, ‘Since childhood, the responsibility of the entire house was on her head. His father drank a lot and did not take care of the house. Then the responsibility fell upon Varsha’s mother and she single-handedly raised Varsha and her sister by washing utensils at people’s homes. After this, further in the video, Varsha says, ‘When mom could not do the work, we would also go to work with her and wash utensils at people’s homes and run the household. While doing this, I got married and then a very lovely daughter was born. In the video, Varsha is further saying that ‘I was fond of dance since childhood. When responsibility came, everything was left behind. But then new apps and platforms started coming. Then I got a call from Colors, so I was very happy that I got this unique platform and then my journey started from here.

Sunil Shetty praised Varsha fiercely

In a video, Sunil Shetty is seen praising Varsha and calling him a real hero. Along with this, Sunil Shetty also said that you will be an inspiration for many daughters. After this Sunil is seen hugging Varsha.

Today he is a social media star

Let us tell you that Barsha Solanki is a social media star today. She earns lakhs of rupees a month by making short videos on social media.

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