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‘Pushpa’ comes home from the wedding ‘Phool’, you will laugh after watching the trailer of ‘Missing Ladies’ – India TV Hindi

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Trailer release of ‘Missing Ladies’

A powerful trailer of the movie ‘Missing Ladies’, made under the direction of Aamir Khan’s ex-wife Kiran Rao, has been released today on January 24. The story of bride swapping has been shown in the film, now why has this swapping happened, what is the motive behind it, you will be able to know only after the release of the film, for now you can take a look at ‘Missing Ladies’. Put it on the trailer, seeing which you will be rolling in laughter.

The trailer of ‘Missing Ladies’ is amazing

In the beginning of the trailer, it is shown that a village boy gets married and brings his bride home. Where her in-laws welcome her warmly. But as soon as the boy’s mother asks her daughter-in-law to lift her veil while performing the Aarti, everyone loses their senses. That’s because the girl the boy married was someone else. Yes, brides are exchanged on the way. After this the boy goes to the police and tells that the person with whom he was married is lost. During this, Ravi Kishan is seen in the role of a policeman. Along with finding the lost bride, they will also be seen investigating the bride entering the house. Fans are liking the trailer of ‘Missing Ladies’ very much. This trailer became popular on social media as soon as it was released.

‘Missing Ladies’ got standing ovation in this film festival

Let us tell you that ‘Missing Ladies’ was screened at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) in 2023, during which the film received a standing ovation. Apart from Nitanshi Goyal and Sparsh Srivastava, the film also stars Pratibha Ranta, Chhaya Kadam and Ravi Kishan. Will be seen in an important role. Kiran Rao is making a comeback as a director with ‘Missing Ladies’, while Aamir Khan has taken up the responsibility of producing this film. This film is going to hit the theaters on March 1.

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