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Eating gum in winter is very beneficial, know how to include it in your diet daily

With the arrival of winter season, people often have to face problems like cold, cough, joint pain etc. Therefore, it is important that we include some things in our diet which can strengthen our immunity. Gum is one such thing which should be eaten daily in winter. The nature of gum is hot. Which gives us many benefits in winter.

Eating gum reduces the risk of heart diseases and strengthens the muscles. Besides, gum is also very beneficial for women. Helps in milk production of lactating mothers. Eating gum for pregnant women strengthens the spine. In this way, we all can take advantage of the nutritional properties of gum.

Know what is glue
Gum is a natural, sticky and sweet substance which comes from some trees found in forests. The most commonly used trees for making gum are Neem, Acacia and Acacia. Gum is a sticky substance formed in the bark of these trees. When there is a hole in the bark of these trees due to some reason, the tree secretes gum from that place so that the open part can be closed. This gum is collected, cleaned and then prepared for use. It is a completely natural product and is rich in many medicinal properties.

Know what can be made from glue

  • Drinking gum mixed with hot milk – Drinking one spoon gum mixed with hot milk in the morning breakfast provides warmth to the body and strengthens the digestive system.
  • Gum laddus – Make laddus by mixing gum, jaggery, ghee and semolina. These are energy enhancing.
  • Gum pudding – Adding gum to halwa makes it even more nutritious. You can make pudding from gum.
  • Make Gum Kheer – Gum Kheer tastes very tasty, you can make it like rice kheer.
  • Roti with gum – Making roti by mixing gum and carom seeds in flour is also beneficial.

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