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Rinku Dhawan started loving someone else while being married, then this is how her husband got to know about it

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Rinku Dhawan started loving someone else despite her husband

‘Bigg Boss 17’ contestant Rinku Dhawan has exited the show. She played a very good game in the show, due to which she remained in the show for a long time. Now after coming out of the show, Rinku Dhawan has discussed his personal life. During this, she also talked about her relationship with her ex-husband Kiran Karmarkar for the first time and also revealed why she separated from her husband.

Rinku had separated from her husband after 15 years of marriage.

Before knowing about Rinku Dhawan’s divorce, know when and whom did she marry? So let us tell you that Rinku Dhawan was married to his ‘Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki’ costar Kiran Karmarkar. In this show, Rinku Dhawan and Kiran Karmarkar were seen in the role of brother and sister. Kiran was playing the role of Om Agarwal and Rinku was playing the role of Chhaya. It is said that during this show, both of them fell in love and got married in the year 2002.

However, both separated after 15 years of marriage. But till date no one knows the reason behind their separation. But now recently Rinku herself has told why she separated from her husband.

Rinku got divorced from her husband due to this reason

While talking about her separation from her ex-husband in her recent interview, Rinku said that she had started loving someone else during her married life. Rinku said that she does not remember when she realized that her marriage with Kiran Karmarkar would not last. Gradually their love was disappearing. Kiran had suddenly stopped talking to him. Rinku Dhawan further said that she always wanted to talk to Kiran and tell her how her day went but Kiran used to behave as if he was sleeping. The actress says that she has always been talkative but Karin Because of this she often remained silent and she did this only for her son.

Despite being married, she started talking to someone else

What Rinku has revealed further during this interview is quite shocking. She further said that when her conversation with Kiran stopped, she got involved with a person with whom she shared her feelings. He says that he had only an emotional connection with that person. Where I spoke and he listened. She was married to Kiran only because of her son.

Husband had read the email

Rinku Dhawan further said that things turned bad when her ex-husband saw one of her emails which she had sent to the guy. Everything she wanted to say was written in that mail. After this her husband called the family members and created a lot of ruckus. After this incident, Rinku decided to leave Kiran’s house and shift to another flat in the same building because she wanted to be closer to her son.

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