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Liver enlargement is a symptom of a serious disease, do not ignore it even by mistake.

Due to poor lifestyle and eating habits, people often suffer from the problem of enlarged liver. There are some people who are not properly aware of this medical condition. Today through this article we will tell them what is the disease of liver enlargement? Liver is an important part of the body. If it is correct, the digestive system remains healthy. If food is digested properly, the diet becomes good and the person also becomes healthy. Doctors advise that the food should be better and clean. In most of the people, liver gets affected by eating dirty food and drinking contaminated water. Sometimes drinking alcohol also causes liver damage. Diseases like liver cancer, liver cirrhosis also occur. Like other diseases, liver also gives indications. Hepatitis B is also such a serious liver disease. Just need to recognize those symptoms for prevention and timely treatment. 6 symptoms of liver should not be ignored even by mistake. 

Fever, joint pain may occur.
Hepatitis is a common disease as soon as the liver gets infected. . This causes swelling in the liver. Symptoms like mild fever may be seen. Along with the increase in temperature, fatigue, headache and joint pain may also be experienced. However, note that fever can be caused by many other conditions and does not necessarily mean hepatitis B.

Dark yellow urine color
Doctors say that the color of urine of people infected with Hepatitis B may be dark yellow. Clay colored stools are also a sign of hepatitis B. If any such symptoms are seen then there is a need to see a doctor immediately. 

Vomiting and loss of appetite are also included
The person who is suffering from hepatitis B. Get infected. Swelling is seen in his liver. The liver is not able to function properly. This may cause gastrointestinal symptoms. These include vomiting, loss of appetite, dizziness. 

The color of the body may turn yellow
Bilirubin starts increasing due to inflammation and other infections. . It causes jaundice. Bilirubin is a chemical in the blood that can turn the skin yellow. Due to this the eyes and skin start looking yellow. To differentiate between hepatitis B and jaundice, you should get yourself tested and treated.

Weight loss, abdominal pain
If the liver is more infected. Its effect becomes visible on the stomach. Due to loss of appetite, weight starts decreasing rapidly. At the same time, there is pain in the stomach also. Pain is felt even when the liver is pressed. Doctors say that if symptoms appear, it is necessary to get checked immediately and get treatment. 

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