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Age has nothing to do with working out, know why people are saying this

You must have often heard from people that the biggest asset of a person’s life is his health. Also called in English  are  ‘Health is wealth.’ If a person remains healthy then his body will remain free from diseases. But to stay healthy, not only food but also physical activity is important. In today’s world, people work out. Go to gym, do yoga. Some people do all this stuff professionally. So some people work out only for their health. Sometimes people escape by citing age and say that now we are old enough, why should we do workouts? For all such people, the story of Ashu Jain, who has become an example of fitness on Instagram, can be very useful. Which proves that there is no age limit for working out. 

Age is no limit for fitness 

If your age has crossed 50 and now you no longer have the desire to maintain fitness. So after knowing the story of Ashu Jain, you will go and take gym membership tomorrow itself. Actually, she is quite famous for her fitness workouts on Instagram. While talking, Ashu Jain told that when she was 54 years old. Then she felt very bad after seeing her pictures on vacation with her husband. After this he started working on his own fitness. And Ashu Jain goes to the gym three times a week. She keeps sharing her fitness videos on her Instagram account @not.just.a.grandma.  


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Walks 22 kilometers

Ashu Jain told when he resolved to make himself fit. So after that he started following workout routing to change his lifestyle. In the beginning when she used to go for a walk. Then within 2 minutes his breathing would become labored. But gradually, after a gap of 8 months, she started walking 22 kilometers with ease. Now Ashu Jain also goes to the gym and lifts weights. Along with this, she also does exercise. 

People said bones would break

At this stage of age, Ashu Jain thought of focusing on his fitness. So during this time he met many people who said strange things to him. Someone told him that if you work out at this age, your bones will break. To this she replied that if I don’t work out, not a single bone will be left. Ashu is an inspiration for Jain people. Whoever thinks that he is now past 50. Now what kind of fitness can we create? They should know the story of Ashu Jain.

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