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Prepare and eat Water chestnut flour Katli on Shivratri, it tastes great with curd – India TV Hindi

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water chestnut barfi

Mahashivratri fast is on 8 March 2024. Most people keep fast on this day. Some people fast due to faith and belief, while some keep fast for the sake of dieting and losing weight. However, on the day of fasting, most people eat oily and sweet food. Due to which the weight increases instead of decreasing. If you do not want to eat anything fried during the fast, then we are telling you a special recipe which is very simple and without oil. Which you can easily eat during fasting. Especially during the fast of Shivratri, water chestnut flour is prepared and eaten. It does not require any oil at all to make it. After eating water chestnut flour barfi, the stomach gets filled well and there is no problem like gas or burning sensation. Know the recipe of making water chestnut flour katli.

Ingredients for making Water chestnut Katli

For this you have to take about one bowl of water chestnut flour and also 1-2 spoons of desi ghee. Sugar or jaggery can be used to sweeten. You can add 1-2 grinded cardamoms for taste.

Recipe to make water chestnut katli

  • First of all, take a heavy bottom pan and add 1 spoon of ghee in it and fry the water chestnut flour lightly.

  • You have to fry water chestnut flour on medium flame till it turns light pink.

  • Now turn off the gas or slow down the flame. Take out the dough in a bowl and let it cool slightly.

  • When the flour cools down a bit, add about 1 glass of water to it and prepare a batter.

  • Now pour this solution in the pan and keep stirring continuously as it starts thickening and lumps form.

  • If you want, you can increase the water further. Water has to be taken three times more than flour.

  • Meanwhile, you have to add sugar and keep stirring it continuously for about 4-5 minutes.

  • When it becomes like a thick halwa and starts separating from the pan, turn off the gas.

  • Now apply ghee well in a plate and then spread the halwa in it and make it uniform.

  • Let it cool slightly and then cut the barfi into shapes of your choice with a knife.

  • If you want, when you are turning off the gas, add the remaining 1 teaspoon ghee to it.

  • Delicious water chestnut katli is ready which you can eat with curd or milk.

  • Eating this fills your stomach well and also saves you from eating too much oil.

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