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Holi festival is incomplete without these 5 things, if you want to make it fun then you should also note it down – India TV Hindi

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Holi is a festival which brings fun, humor and gaiety along with its name. The excitement of Holi starts affecting people a month in advance. Children start getting restless after seeing colorful sprinklers in the market. Shops are decorated with colors and gulal. There are long queues at sweet shops for different types of dishes and Gujiyas. Holi celebration is considered incomplete without some things. Therefore, do these 5 things at home on Holi, otherwise the color of the festival will seem dull.

Holi festival will seem dull without these 5 things

  1. color-gulal- Keep colors and gulal aside to apply to the guests coming to your house on Holi. Try to use only new and fresh gulal on the day of Holi. Without gulal, Holi looks completely dull. Whether you like playing Holi or not, apply gulal on the faces of your family members.

  2. Gujia- Various types of dishes are prepared on Holi, but the festival of Holi is considered incomplete without Gujiya. Make Gujiya at home on Holi. If you don’t have time then definitely buy Gujiya from the market. This brings festive glow to the house and gives a Holi feel.

  3. Thandai- On the day of Holi, definitely drink Thandai in the morning. If you want, you can easily make Thandai at home. If you don’t feel like it, you can get ready-made or instant thandai in the market. You can easily drink it by simply mixing it in milk. So definitely taste Thandai on the day of Holi.

  4. Dahi Vada- Dahi Vada is made in most of the houses on the day of Holi. Dahi Vada tastes great after eating sweets. On Holi, you must make Dahi Vada at home. If you are short of time then you can buy Dahi Bhalla or Dahi Vada from the market and eat it.

  5. Sure food- On the day of Holi, cooked food is prepared in most of the houses. Some people also worship Hanuman ji on this day. On the day of Holi, make kheer, puri and kachori at home. You can make potato or lentil shortbread and eat it.

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