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After playing Holi, apply the extract of these 2 leaves on your face, there will be no itching and rashes! – India TV Hindi

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post holi skin care remedy

After playing Holi, people often suffer from itching, burning and rashes on their skin. These are actually some side effects related to colors which can harm us in the long run. All we have to pay attention to is that as soon as you feel some symptoms, you have to take some measures immediately. This will provide relief to the skin and prevent these symptoms. Like redness in the face, itching, burning sensation and rash in the skin. All these things spoil the texture of the skin and then damage its pores and sometimes the skin becomes dry for a long time. So, let us know an effective solution.

After playing Holi, apply extract of these 2 leaves on your face.

If you feel conditions like acne, rash and irritation on your face after playing Holi, then you can try this home remedy. All you have to do is take aloe vera and basil leaves and make a pack of it and apply it. Such as
-Take out the gel from aloe vera.
-Mix basil leaves in it and grind it.
-Then add curd to it and beat both.
-Add a little almond oil to it. If it is not there then do not mix it.
-Then apply this face pack on the face and leave it.
-After 10 minutes, wipe the face with a cold cloth and then wash the face with cold water.

holi skin care

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holi skin care

Even after this, if your face is itching, then apply ice wrapped in a cloth. This will work to provide relief to your skin. Let us tell you that while aloe vera is a moisturizer, curd hydrates the skin. So, Tulsi is antibacterial which reduces allergies. Apart from this, these three together reduce skin irritation and also reduce dryness. Also, even if there is redness on the face, curd reduces it extensively.

So, if you are facing these skin related problems after playing Holi, then make this face pack and apply it. You can apply this face pack on your skin after playing Holi even without any reason. It is helpful in improving the texture of the skin. You can use it on other days also.

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