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Are you also often troubled by bad breath, then be careful, is it a matter of heart disease?

Reason for bad breath: Bad breath is considered a matter of negligence along with hygiene. Many people do not clean their mouth regularly due to which bad smell starts coming from their mouth. But sometimes even after daily brushing and taking care of cleanliness, bad breath occurs. In such a situation, people get worried whether they are not cleaning their mouth properly? If there is bad breath despite hygiene, then instead of ignoring it, there is a need to be careful because it can also be a sign of heart disease.

Bad breath may have a connection with the heart

In a research published in the Pain Medicine Journal, health experts have cautioned people on the connection and risk between gum-related problems and heart disease. In this research, health experts say that bad breath may have a connection with heart disease. He says that

If you often have bad breath, it could be a sign of the development of heart disease. If gum related problems persist for a long time, it can lead to heart attack, stroke and problems related to heart vessels.

Risk of heart attack is linked to gum problems

According to researchers, if someone is suffering from gum disease and there is foul smell from his mouth and swelling in the gums also persists, then it is possible that his body is at risk of heart related diseases. If this type of problem occurs frequently then it becomes necessary to get checked by a doctor.

In fact, when the gums are not cleaned properly, infection occurs in the gums. The bacteria causing infection also spread to other parts of the body and this increases the risk of swelling in the arteries of the heart. Due to these bacteria, there is a risk of inflammation in the heart valves. Especially those who are already suffering from heart disease, any disease related to gums quickly affects them because the bacteria that spoil the gums can enter the blood flow and infect the heart valves. Therefore, heart patients should be alert about their oral health.

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