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Can pregnant women drink coconut water in winter? Know expert opinion

Pregnant women have to be very cautious about their eating habits during the winter season. In such a situation, a question often arises that is it safe to drink coconut water during pregnancy and winter? Coconut water, known for its nutrients and freshness, is often preferred during summers. But, is it safe to drink it in winter? Would be equally beneficial, especially during pregnancy? Let us know according to experts..

Coconut water is a natural, nutrition-rich beverage rich in vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. This Not only keeps you hydrated, but is also very beneficial for many health purposes. During pregnancy, it becomes even more important as it nourishes not only the mother but also the baby in the womb.

Should we drink coconut water or not? 
Health experts believe that the electrolytes present in coconut water, especially potassium, help in providing relief from fatigue and dehydration during pregnancy. It also improves digestion and provides relief from constipation. Apart from this, coconut water is also helpful in controlling blood pressure, which is a common problem during pregnancy. However, while consuming it in winter, care should be taken not to drink it too cold.

At what temperature to drink 
If you want to drink coconut water, then keep it at room temperature and do not drink it too cold in winter. Apart from this, one should not drink in excess quantity and on an empty stomach. By keeping these precautions in mind, you can drink coconut water even in winter. 

At what time to drink coconut water in winters
Coconut water can be drunk even in winters but its right time and method is very important. In winters, drink coconut water between 11 am to 2 pm. Water is the best. Do not consume it at night because it has a cold effect, which can increase problems like cough and cold. For some people, it gives coolness to the stomach. However, lauric acid is found in coconut water which is beneficial for health. Consuming it on an empty stomach in summer is also considered beneficial. But you can drink it in winter afternoon. 

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