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Never ignore this change in heart beat, it can be dangerous.

The heartbeat of all of us continues at a normal speed. But sometimes some changes are seen in it, such as suddenly becoming very fast or very slow, not being regular or stopping suddenly etc. Whenever this happens, we should think that it is a dangerous sign. This should never be taken lightly. Because it can also be a sign of heart disease. Let’s know about it here..

Fast or slow heartbeat
When the speed of our heartbeat becomes faster or slower than normal, it can be a serious problem. Normally the heart beats 60 to 100 times per minute.  If it exceeds 100 i.e. it becomes very fast, or it starts beating less than 60 i.e. it becomes very slow, then understand that something is wrong. In such a situation, contact a doctor immediately. This can also be a sign of heart disease. And if treatment is not received at the right time, the risk may increase. Therefore, be conscious of your heartbeat and pay attention to whether it is fast or slow. This is very important for your health. 

Irregular Heart Beat
If there is no regularity in our heartbeat, that is, the interval between each other increases, then it is a sign of a serious problem. Normally, the interval between our heartbeats remains the same. But sometimes the difference between two beats suddenly becomes very large and then decreases. That means it is not regular.This happening indicates a serious problem. It can cause heart diseases like heart attack, absence of heartbeat etc. Which can be fatal. 

Heart Flutter
If you suddenly feel as if your heart has stopped for a second, then understand that this is a serious heart problem which is called ‘heart fluttering’. This is a condition when due to heart problem the heartbeat suddenly stops and then starts again. During this time we feel a shock.Fluttering means weakening of the heart and can lead to heart attack or stroke. Therefore it should not be taken lightly. 


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