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Can puzzle therapy solve the problem of tension? This study will relieve your stress to a great extent

Many researches have revealed that there are many ways to keep the brain active and sharp. By adopting these methods you can make your brain healthy and young. Actually, the thing is that increasing age affects the mind as well as the body. Due to which diseases like Alzheimer’s can become prevalent. If you keep doing brain games or physical exercises even as you grow older, your memory, concentration and focus will remain good at every stage of age.

Why is it important to keep the brain active?

According to Healthline, doing physical exercise to keep the brain active helps in maintaining good blood flow in the brain. Due to good blood flow, the supply of oxygen remains good in every brain cell and the small tissues here also remain healthy. Not only this, the negative effects of anxiety and stress can also be reduced. In such a situation, it is important to keep doing physical and mental exercises to keep the brain active at every age.

Why is brain exercise important to improve memory?

Stress, depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses can reduce your concentration level as well as cause memory loss. Therefore, it is most important that you keep your mental health balanced. Mental exercises keep your brain healthy and help it perform fully.

Keeps mental health healthy

When you keep your body active, many neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin etc. keep getting released in the brain. It helps in removing stress, anxiety and many diseases from the body and improves the mood. Not only this, research has found that if you do any physical exercise for 20-30 minutes a day or keep your brain active, your reaction time improves. By keeping the brain active, new cells continue to be formed, which significantly reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

What to do to keep the brain active?

To keep your brain active, you can learn many new things, do not hesitate at all in learning something new. In this you can learn any new language, musical instrument, song, music etc.

You can also make your brain active by playing video games or mobile games. Playing games all the time does not harm you, but playing within a limit can be beneficial for you.

In the morning and evening, go for a walk for physical activities and socialize with your friends.

You can play board games with younger members of your family. Laughter keeps your brain fresh and healthy.

You should take out time every day for reading, writing, chess, crossword etc.

5 effective exercises to boost brain health

listen to music

According to a study, a person who listens to happy songs has a better way of thinking. Happy tune boosts creative thinking and also improves brain power. Besides this, learning musical instruments and playing them yourself is an excellent mental exercise.


Let us tell you that doing meditation regularly can prove to be excellent for your mental health. Meditation is considered to be the best treatment for problems like stress, anxiety and depression. It helps your body to remain calm. It can also improve your memory and brain ability.

crossword puzzle practice

This is an excellent mental exercise, which keeps your brain active for a long time. According to a study published in 2011 by the National Library of Medicine, participating in exercises like crossword puzzles significantly reduces memory problems. Besides, it also increases your focus.

get enough sleep

Like the body, the brain also does not need to remain active all the time. In such a situation, sleeping can be an effective exercise for you.

play chess

Brain is used a lot in playing chess. Due to which it increases the brain information processing speed. If you also want to maintain your mental health then play chess regularly.

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