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Chain smoker should give up smoking at all costs, smoking even one cigarette is so dangerous

Smoking Effects: Everyone knows how dangerous smoking is, yet people still do it. This dangerous habit is also increasing rapidly among the youth, because they see it as an easy way to become cool. Unaware of how dangerous smoking can prove to be for them. Very few people know that along with nicotine, cigarette smoke contains about 7,000 other chemicals. Some of these chemicals come from burning tobacco leaves, while some remain active in the form of compound chemicals, which cause deep and harmful changes in the body. Not only this, its smoke contains more than 70 cancer-causing chemicals. Some people think that smoking only damages the lungs, whereas it harms almost every organ of the body. Let us know its side effects on the body.

What effect does cigarette smoking have on the body?

Inhaling tobacco smoke damages many organs and systems of the body.

Affects the respiratory system.
Harmful for the circulatory system.
Weakens the immune system.
Damages the musculoskeletal system.
Have negative effects on sexual organs.
Side effects of smoking on the body.

Effect of cigarette on lungs

1. More Mucus and Infection When you smoke, it increases the number and size of cells in the lungs and the oxygen-carrying tubes, which increases the amount of mucus and also thickens it. The lungs cannot clear this extra mucus effectively, so it slowly accumulates in the respiratory tract and makes you cough throughout the day.
2. Due to smoking, the lungs start aging rapidly and the immunity system also becomes weak due to infection.
3. Cigarettes cause inflammation and irritation in the lungs. Even one or two cigarettes can cause irritation and cough.
4. Smoking can also destroy the lungs and their tissues. Due to which less oxygen reaches important parts of the body.
5. The lungs are covered with broom-like hairs called cilia, which clean the lungs. A few seconds after lighting a cigarette, the movement of cilia slows down. Not only this 6. Smoking a cigarette can slow down cilia action for several hours. From this it can be estimated how dangerous the situation would be for chain smokers. Due to this, the number of cilia in the lungs starts decreasing, leaving less time to clean them properly.

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