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Cooking oil frequently used in street food, know how dangerous it is for our health.

As soon as street food is mentioned, images of chaat, pakodas, rolls and burgers start emerging in our mind. Everyone likes these delicious foods, but we should also keep in mind that how harmful the oil used to make these can be for our health. In most street food shops, the same oil is used repeatedly to save costs. In this, chaat, pakodas, samosas etc. are fried again and again. Heating, cooling and reusing the same oil so many times causes great harm to its quality. Let us know how harmful it is for our health.

The oil used in making street food is often refined and highly processed. These oils lose their quality after repeated use. Also, many times these oils are processed by mixing them with various chemicals so that they can last longer.

risk of heart disease
The oils used to make street food contain high amounts of harmful fat called trans fat. Trans fat is the fat which damages our body from inside. It increases the level of cholesterol in the blood, which significantly increases the risk of heart disease. The risk of heart attack or blockage in the heart arteries also increases significantly.

risk of cancer
According to research, by repeatedly heating oil, a harmful chemical is formed in it which is called aldehyde. It is a type of toxic substance which damages our cells. Regular consumption of such oil significantly increases the risk of many types of cancer, especially lung and intestinal cancer.Therefore, do not use heated oil again and again. Always use fresh and pure oil for your food.

increases stress
Many researches have shown that when the same oil is heated repeatedly, harmful substances called free radicals are formed in it. These damage our blood cells and increase oxidative stress.

read this also, If these problems start occurring in the ears then understand that this is a sign of a heart attack, do not ignore it even by mistake.

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