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Cut or peeled onions should never be kept in the refrigerator, know why it is forbidden.

Onion is an important part of Indian cuisine. Along with spices, it is also used in salads to enhance the taste of food.  However when it comes to storing chopped onions, the fridge may not be the best place to keep them. ‘Bacterial infection starts occurring in cut and peeled onions. According to a report published in the year 2020, keeping cut onions in the open causes bacteria to grow in it.  Which shows that bacteria grow very quickly in cut onions. This fact is still highly debated among the nutrition community. Apart from the accumulation of bacteria, here is a brief analysis of why you should not keep cut or peeled onions in the refrigerator.

Changes the taste of other food items kept in the fridge

Keeping chopped onion in the refrigerator is also prohibited because it emits a very strong smell. Which spreads all over the fridge. Onions have a powerful aroma that can easily spread to other food items kept in your refrigerator. Due to this, the taste of food kept in the fridge can also change.  The taste and smell may be onion-like. No one wants onion-flavored strawberries or leftover pizza that smells like lettuce.

Moisture content

Cut onion contains a lot of moisture and can be retained by keeping it in the refrigerator. This excess moisture can make onions soft and mushy over time, reducing their texture and appeal. If you’ve ever taken out a container of sticky, refrigerated chopped onions, you know how distasteful it can be.

Cut onions contain enzymes

Cut onions contain enzymes that can react with the cold temperature of the refrigerator. This reaction can lead to the formation of sulfurous compounds, as onions contain sulfur, which can create an unpleasant, bitter taste in your dishes. These compounds are more likely to develop in a refrigerator than at room temperature.

Danger of Freezer Burn
Some people try to avoid problems associated with refrigeration. Likes to keep chopped onions in the freezer. However, this method has its own problems. Freezer-cut onions are susceptible to freezer burn, which can result in loss of flavor and texture.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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