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Do not make such mistakes while working out in the gym, otherwise the trouble will increase.

Gym Mistakes: In today’s time, most people go to the gym to keep themselves fit. The trend of gym has increased a lot in recent times. Going to the gym is not only beneficial for health but also for beauty. Gym helps in giving better body shape. However, many things should be kept in mind while going to the gym. People who often go to the gym make 5 common mistakes. Which can be harmful. This may lead to skin infection or other problems. In such a situation, let us know what things should be kept in mind while going to the gym…

1. Makeup

Gym goers should avoid applying a thick layer of makeup on their face. This habit can be harmful for the skin, because the sebum and sweat released from the skin during workout are not able to come out of the skin pores properly and can later cause acne or skin related problems.

2. Deodorant

If you use antiperspirant roll on or deodorant while going to the gym, then stop using it today, because it can block the pores and prevent unwanted elements from coming out through sweat. Whose side effects can be seen.

3. Tying hair tightly

During workout, if the hair is tied too tightly or is tied in a bun then it may cause difficulty in exercising. Apart from this, excessive stretching can make the hair weak. Therefore, use only a scrunchie or soft rubber band to tie the hair.

4. Leaving hair open

If you are exercising by leaving your hair open, then make sure that the hair does not touch the facial skin, otherwise the skin will come in direct contact with bacteria. It is common for hair to sweat during workout, which produces bacteria.

5. Touching the face frequently

Repeatedly touching the face or rubbing hands on the skin while working out can cause great harm to the skin. The hands that touch workout machines contain a lot of bacteria, which can cause acne, itching or other problems when they come in contact with your skin.

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