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Do you also apply toothpaste on minor burns? If yes then do not make such mistake even by mistake

Toothpaste on Skin Burn: Many times fingers get burnt while doing household work or cooking. In such situations, people apply ice, antiseptic cream or toothpaste. By applying toothpaste, the skin gets relief from cold and burning sensation, but is it right to apply toothpaste on skin burn, because it provides coolness but the wound does not heal quickly. In such a situation, it is advised not to apply toothpaste after burning. Let us know why it is not good to apply toothpaste on irritation. What could be the disadvantages of this…

Should toothpaste be applied on burns?

Applying toothpaste on skin irritation provides relief from the burning sensation. This feels cool on the skin. Which reduces burning sensation and pain. But according to experts, one should avoid applying toothpaste on the skin immediately after burning, because it can harm the skin. Actually, a compound called sodium fluoride is found in toothpaste used for cleaning teeth, which can be harmful for the skin. Many more side effects can be seen. Therefore, experts advise that toothpaste should never be applied on the skin after a minor burn, otherwise side effects may be seen.

what to do after burning

1. If your skin is burnt then some anti-inflammatory cream should be applied on it.

2. To get immediate relief from burning sensation, you can apply ice. If you want, you can put your hands in cold water. This can prevent blisters.

3. To reduce irritation and get relief, you can apply aloe vera gel on that area.

4. Applying coconut oil on the area where the skin is burnt can provide relief from pain and burning sensation.

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