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Eating too many almonds can also be ‘dangerous’, know what Ayurvedic experts say

Almonds : Almonds are a storehouse of energy. By consuming it, health remains healthy. Almonds have not just one but many benefits. Even in Ayurveda, this superfood has been considered to have tremendous health benefits. Eating almonds can provide relief from vata imbalance, nerve pain, paralysis and degenerative diseases. Almond is also helpful in increasing sperm count. According to Ayurveda experts, almonds can provide relief from problems like bleeding, periods in women, nose bleeding. This also strengthens the memory. There are some ways to eat such beneficial almonds, otherwise their disadvantages can also be seen.

What is the right way to eat almonds

According to Ayurveda experts, almonds can be made a part of your diet in many ways. Almonds can be eaten raw, soaked and peeled. Eating it soaked is considered most beneficial. This improves digestion and the body gets more nutrients and the body remains energetic throughout the day.

How many almonds should one eat in a day?

According to Ayurveda doctor, minimum 5 almonds and maximum 7-8 almonds should not be eaten every day, because eating almonds in large quantities can weaken the intestinal health. Due to this, gastric problems can increase and indigestion can cause trouble. According to experts, it is best to eat almonds before breakfast. Starting the day with almonds keeps the whole day full of energy.

Who should not eat almonds

According to experts, people who suffer from cold and cough should avoid eating almonds. It is said in Ayurveda that almonds can aggravate Kapha dosha. In case of cough and cold, the phlegm is unbalanced, in such a situation almonds should not be eaten. Therefore, by consuming almonds properly, its abundant benefits can be availed.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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