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For weight loss, eat makhana in breakfast in this way, it will also control food cravings.

Nowadays most of the people are struggling with the problem of obesity. Excess weight increases due to wrong eating habits and lifestyle. In such a situation, it is very important to take care of calories. Dieting does not just mean staying hungry. Rather, we should eat such things which are healthy and do not increase weight. Eating Makhana for breakfast is an excellent option for weight loss. Makhana has low calories and good amount of fiber. They reduce hunger by keeping the stomach full. Also, it is helpful in reducing belly fat. 

Controls food cravings 
Many such nutrients are found in Makhana which helps in reducing weight. Makhana is rich in protein. Protein slows down the digestion process and keeps the stomach full for a long time. This creates a longer gap between meals and reduces food cravings. Makhana has less calories and fat. It prevents weight gain and obesity. Besides, the fiber present in Makhana also helps in reducing weight. 

Know how to lose weight 
Makhanas have antioxidant properties which help in digestion slowly. They help in controlling weight by regulating our metabolism. Therefore, eating makhana daily for breakfast reduces weight, keeps the stomach satisfied and we feel better. This is the right diet for weight loss. 

Makhanas can be eaten in many ways 

  • Simple Makhana – You can eat the Makhana after roasting it well by adding salt and black pepper.
  • Fruity Makhana – You can add chopped fruits like banana, apple, pomegranate etc. to the Makhana. Can be eaten by mixing it with milk or honey.
  • Spicy Makhana – By baking the Makhana in oil, you can make it tasty with salt, red chilli, turmeric and coriander powder.
  • Chaat Makhana – Makhana. You can make chaat and eat it for breakfast. Add tomatoes, onions, green chillies etc. in it.
  • Makhana Paratha – Paratha can be made by mixing makhana and spices in a little mixture of gram flour. 
  • Makhana Pudding – Pudding can be made from Makhana. For this, pudding can be made by boiling makhana in milk. 

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