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Spicy food also has many benefits and not only harm, know how

It often happens that we do not eat spicy food just because it can be very harmful for our health. But for your information, let us tell you that it is also beneficial. People who like spicy and chilli foods do not need to worry because it has many benefits.

Spicy food is good for skin

Spicy food contains microbial elements. Which keeps bacteria and infection away. Eating garlic, cardamom, cumin, ginger, cloves and lemon grass makes the skin look brighter. Skin infection also starts going away.

let the stress go away

Eating chilli reduces stress. Spicy food can cure many problems. By eating spicy food the level of endorphin and dopamine starts increasing in the body. This also reduces stress.

Spicy food works to strengthen immunity

Red chilli contains Vitamin C, B-Vitamin, Pro-A-Vitamin and anti-oxidants. Which works to keep immunity strong. Eating red chilli strengthens immunity.

Spicy food increases longevity

Eating spicy food can cause heartburn. But eating also prolongs life. Eating spicy food increases life by 14 percent. Therefore spicy food is not considered bad but good.

Capsaicin is considered beneficial in preventing prostate cancer. Many types of qualities are found in it.

Bad cholesterol in the body can be cured through capsaicin. It also improves blood circulation.

Capsaicin plays an important role in reducing the pain of shingles, lower back pain and osteoarthritis.

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