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Heart patients should not be careless in cold, change the timing of morning walk.

Heart Disease: Heart related problems can increase due to falling temperature in winter season. Therefore, heart patients should take special care of their heart in this season. Doctors say that even a little carelessness in cold can cause big and serious problems. Heart specialists say that patients suffering from any kind of heart related disease or those who have blockage in their heart or have a stent installed, should take special precautions in this season. If you go for a morning walk then its timing should be changed. So that any kind of problem does not increase.

When to go for a morning walk in winter?

Health experts recommend that heart patients should completely avoid going for a morning walk. If they want to go out for a walk in the morning, then they should go out for a walk only after the sun rises. Since the risk of heart attack has increased rapidly after Corona. A large number of cases have been reported so greater care should be taken. Before Covid 19, people above 40 years of age were more at risk of heart attack, but now youth of 20-30 years are also falling prey to it.

When to go to the doctor

Doctors advise not to be careless about heart health. Ask to be alert all the time. Doctors say that if there is a problem like shortness of breath, chest pain or heaviness while walking or exercising, then immediate medical help should be sought.

Stay away from junk food

Many types of problems have also increased due to consumption of junk food. Because of this the amount of cholesterol in the body is increasing rapidly. Due to this the risk of heart related diseases is increasing. Therefore, health experts are advising to avoid junk food to maintain heart health. Especially in winter it should be completely avoided. At the same time, the disease can be cured by focusing on avoiding stress and improving daily routine.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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