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How does gene therapy help in the treatment of cancer? Know its benefits.

Cancer Gene Therapy: Cancer is a very dangerous and fatal disease. Every year many patients die due to this. Actually, most of the patients of this disease reach the doctor at the very last stage. Due to which their treatment starts late. However, it is also true that in the last few years, many new technologies have started being used in the treatment of cancer. There are new treatments like surgery, chemo and radiation therapy. Apart from these, now cancer is also being treated through gene therapy. People have many questions regarding gene therapy, let us know the answers…

What is gene therapy in cancer treatment?

According to health experts, the work of gene therapy is to change the genetic makeup of the patient. In this, the bad genes of the patient are corrected with good genes, due to which the growth of cancer cells is stopped. With the help of this therapy, therapeutic genes are delivered directly to the targeted cells. Nowadays many types of gene therapy have also been started.

What is tumor suppressor gene therapy?

According to the doctor, tumor suppressor gene therapy involves activating genes that have the ability to destroy tumors. In today’s time, oncogene silencing is also being used extensively. It also contains oncogene mutated genes, which brake the growth of cancer cells. Gene therapy targets these oncogenes in different ways.

Cancer treatment and personalized approach

Doctors say that in gene therapy, the patient is treated in a personalized manner. Treatment depends on the genetic makeup of each patient. However, gene therapy in the treatment of cancer is still in its initial stages. Research is going on on this. This therapy can be very beneficial in the treatment of cancer. All its trials so far have been successful. Soon there may be great help in the treatment of cancer.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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