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If the child’s head remains warmer than his body, then instead of worrying, know the reason for this.

New Born Baby Health: A new born baby needs more care from the parents for a few months after birth. Since newborns are very delicate and their body is not fully developed, every season is delicate for them. Mothers often complain that their newborn baby’s head remains warmer than his body. Many times, mothers are worried about this and take their child to the doctor. If you too are worried about your child’s head getting hot, then let us talk about this in detail today.

Is a newborn’s head hot a cause for concern?

Often, when a newborn’s head gets too hot, people start worrying whether he or she has fallen ill. But in this regard, child specialists say that it is natural for the head of the newborn to be warmer than the rest of the body. This is absolutely normal and parents should not worry about it. Doctors say that there is a valid reason behind the head of a newborn being hotter than the rest of the body. According to doctors, the area of ​​the head of the newborn is more than the rest of the body and hence the loss of body heat occurs through the head of the newborn instead of the body.

That means the heat generated in the child’s body comes out through the head instead of the body. This is a normal process which changes with time. Along with this, another reason is that newborns are not able to regulate body temperature like adults because their body is not so developed at this time. That is why children start feeling very cold during winter season and very hot during summer season.

Don’t make this mistake regarding your child’s hot head

Often, when parents find their child’s head too hot, they consider him sick and make him wear more clothes. According to doctors this should not be done. If you dress your child in too warm clothes, his body will become too hot and the head will become hotter than the body. Therefore, make the child wear light and warm clothes so that his body temperature remains normal.

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