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If you want to avoid stretch marks then do these things during pregnancy, you will never have any marks

The time of pregnancy is full of happiness, but during this time women also have to face many problems. One of these problems is stretch marks. A lot of changes take place in the body during the 9 months of pregnancy and the skin also suffers the effects of these changes. In such a situation, many women face the problem of stretch marks in places like stomach, waist and hips. Which looks very bad in hindsight. But these can be avoided by keeping some things in mind. To avoid stretch marks during pregnancy, you can take care of some special things, due to which stretch marks will never form.

keep weight under control
Weight can increase very rapidly during pregnancy. But increasing excess weight puts strain on the stomach and other parts of the body. Due to this stretch, stretch marks i.e. white marks start appearing. Therefore, gaining too much weight during pregnancy is not good. Prepare your diet chart after talking to the doctor and dietician. Include more nutritious food in your diet, like vegetables, fruits, pulses, milk etc. This will keep the weight under control and there will be no stretch marks.

stay hydrated
During pregnancy, it is very important to keep the body hydrated i.e. full of water. Due to pregnancy hormones the skin starts becoming dry. Stretch marks form rapidly on dry skin. Therefore, keep drinking adequate amount of water during pregnancy. Be sure to drink 8-10 glasses of water daily. This keeps the skin moisturized, that is, moisture remains. The result will be that the chances of formation of stretch marks will be reduced.

use moisturizer
It is very important to keep the skin moisturized during pregnancy. Pregnancy-safe moisturizer should be used. These moisturizers help in maintaining the moisture of the skin. The best moisturizer for pregnant women is coconut oil. Coconut oil contains Vitamin E which keeps the skin nourished and soft. Therefore, massage should be done with coconut oil during pregnancy. It proves to be very helpful in protecting from stretch marks.

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