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Is it right to take bath during viral fever or not? Why do doctors advise taking bath?

Cold and common cold is common during changing weather. The risk of viral fever also remains high in the changing weather. In such a situation, it is most important to take special care of yourself. People whose immunity remains strong will not get sick again and again. You will also be protected from many serious diseases. Now the question arises that how to avoid viral fever or diseases? What should be done in case of viral fever? Should one take bath during viral fever or not?

Should one take bath during viral fever or not?

Whenever you go to the doctor for viral fever, the doctor definitely says one thing. He says that bathing is very important. Special care should be taken about cleanliness in viral fever. The more clean you are, the sooner you will recover. In case of viral fever, one should take bath with lukewarm water and soap so that one feels fresh. The fresher you fill, the sooner you will recover. 

Why does viral fever come again and again?

The cases of viral fever double during the rainy season. If one person has this fever, it can spread to others also. Once it happens to someone, it may happen again and again. Actually, a person whose immunity is weak is at risk of viral fever again and again. This happens especially to children and old people. In this fever there is continuous fever. There is continuous fever along with cold. Once this virus enters a person’s body, it mutates. And there is every chance that it may happen again. 

Is it not right to take medicine while sitting at home during fever?

Experts say that in case of viral fever, it does not mean that you are taking medicines from the market while sitting at home. Please see the doctor once. Because if you do this, you may have fever for a long time. You can take hot water, ginger tea, decoction and steam to protect yourself. You may feel better with these home remedies but it will not reduce the fever. In such a situation, better treatment is needed. 

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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