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Ramadan 2024: What to eat in Sehri? Know which things are harmful – India TV Hindi

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Ramadan 2024: The holy month of Ramadan is about to begin. In this month people keep fast and remain hungry and thirsty for a long time. But, the thing to keep in mind in this month is which things you should eat during Sehri and which things you should avoid. Actually, consuming too heavy foods during Sehri can increase your thirst. Apart from this, due to this you may suffer from acidity, indigestion and many other problems. Therefore, you should eat some foods and avoid eating some during Sehri.

What should be eaten at Sehri?

During Sehri, you should pay special attention to consuming water-rich fruits. Because they are easy to digest. Not only this, during Sehri you should eat things like turmeric which give more energy to the body. Such as

-Take as much juice and coconut water as possible.
-Eat oats.
-Eat fruits like grapes and pears.
-Eat dry fruits like almonds, cashews and raisins.
-Eat things containing milk, eggs and cheese.

  Ramadan 2024

Image Source : SOCIAL

Ramadan 2024

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What should not be eaten during Sehri?

Avoid consuming any kind of heavy and spicy things for Sehri. Such as
-Avoid eating food items like bread, rice and potatoes.
-Avoid eating sour fruits because they increase acidity in the body.

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So, in this way, keep your diet as light as possible so that you do not face any problem in fasting. Also, your health should be good and you can stay away from all the problems.

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