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Is the heater making your skin dry? Take care of your skin with these home remedies

In North India, the winter is so severe that it becomes very difficult to live and work without a heater. The warmth of the heater gives us relief from the cold, but at the same time it can also prove to be harmful for our skin. The hot air coming out from the heater reduces the natural moisture of our skin, due to which the skin becomes dry, rough and lifeless.

Wrinkles start forming on such skin quickly and the risk of infection increases. Therefore, while sitting in front of the heater, we should take good care of the skin, for example, applying moisturizer or using homemade face packs. Know how to stay in the heater without harming the skin.

coconut oil
Many types of nutrients are found in coconut oil which prove to be very beneficial for our skin. Vitamin E present in coconut oil helps in keeping the skin smooth and soft. Not only this, antioxidants are also found in it which protect the skin from the damage of free radicals and pollution. The fatty acids present in coconut oil help in maintaining the natural moisture of the skin, which keeps the skin hydrated and soft. If you sit with the heater on, make sure to use coconut oil.

sunflower oil
Vitamin E is found in abundance in sunflower oil which is very beneficial for the skin. It helps in maintaining natural moisture in the skin so that the skin always remains hydrated and soft. Sunflower oil can be used as a massage before bathing. It increases blood circulation in the skin and also moisturizes the skin. Daily use of this oil keeps the skin soft and supple.

Avocado contains Vitamin A and Vitamin E in abundance, which are very beneficial for our skin. Vitamin A keeps the skin healthy by repairing the deep layers of the skin, while Vitamin E makes the skin soft and glowing. If you spend a lot of time in the heater, you can use avocado on your skin.

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