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Know these important things before washing woolen jacket in washing machine.

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How to machine wash a jacket

Clothes do not dry easily in cold. In such a situation, we wash sweaters and woolen jackets in the machine. However, washing a heavy woolen jacket is not an easy task. Many times the jackets do not get cleaned properly after washing and sometimes the fitting gets damaged. Today we are giving you some tips to wash woolen jackets in the machine. If you keep these things in mind, you will not have to worry while washing the jacket. Your precious jackets will be easily cleaned. Let us know how to wash a woolen jacket and which detergent is used for it.

Before washing any clothes, you must read the tag on it. There is also a label on woolen clothes whether you have to hand wash it, machine wash it or dry clean it. Also you will know in which soap or detergent to wash the jacket.

Clean the jacket- It is important to clean the jacket thoroughly before washing it. Clean the dust and dirt on the jacket with a brush. If you don’t have a brush, take a soft cloth and wet it and clean the dirt on the jacket. With this, the jacket will be easily cleaned in the machine and stains will not remain.

How to wash a jacket in a machine? You can also hand wash the jacket, but it is better to wash it in a machine. Machine washing makes the jacket quick and easy to clean. For this, use light liquid detergent like baby shampoo. If you want, you can also use baby shampoo. Set the machine to woolen mode and keep the spin speed low.

Method of drying jacket- The correct way to dry the jacket after washing should also be known. When the jackets are washed, wrap them in a towel. Now squeeze the towel well. This will dry out all the water from the jacket. However, you should avoid squeezing too hard. This can damage woolen jackets. After this, hang the jacket in a hanger and dry it.

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