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It is a mistake to think that frequent increase in heartbeat is just a heart disease, it can be a mental problem.

Heart Beat Increases: In winter, cases of increased heart beat often increase. However, this is a common problem in winter because blood circulation gets reduced due to falling temperature and heart beat increases due to high BP. Generally, the condition of increased heart beat is considered to be heart related, but health experts say that it is not necessary that this happens every time. Sometimes the situation of increased heart beat may be related to a problem of the brain instead of the heart. Doctors say that heart beat can also increase due to mental health problem called anxiety. Let us know about this.

What is anxiety and its symptoms

Health experts say that like stress, anxiety also comes under mental problems. When a person is more worried about something, he starts thinking more about it and that causes anxiety. Anxiety can happen to anyone in this period. Due to tension over some issue, it can make everyone from children to adults its victims. In the new era, youth and women are becoming more victims of anxiety. In this, as soon as one gets worried about something, the heart beat increases, one starts feeling nervous, restless and the person suddenly starts sweating. In such a situation, if anxiety reaches its peak, the risk of a person having a panic attack increases.

How to prevent anxiety

Doctors say that prevention from anxiety is possible. For this, help of meditation can be taken. If you are worried about something, you should talk to your friend, partner, family or other acquaintance to ease your mind. To avoid anxiety, one should avoid overthinking. To divert your attention, you should spend time on your hobbies and interests. This will keep your mind light and you will feel good. You should keep yourself busy with fun and work. Try to get complete sleep. If the problem is not being resolved then you should feel free to talk to an expert and seek advice.

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