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The Ram Laddoo available in the market is also related to Lord Shri Ram? Know – India TV Hindi

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You will get to eat delicious and hot Ram ji laddus in Lajpat Nagar of Delhi. Hearing the name, it seems that laddus must be sweet, but it is not so, these Ram laddus are very spicy, spicy and slightly sour. Yes, Ram Laddu made from moong and gram dal tastes very tasty. You will get to eat Ram Laddu at many places in Delhi. Not only this, Ram Laddus is also quite famous in Ram’s city Ayodhya. Now, like us, the same question might be coming in your mind that why were these laddus named Ram Laddu? Is there any relation between Ram Laddu and Lord Ram? Did Lord Ram eat these laddus? Did Lord Ram like these laddus? Let us know the answers to all these questions.

Actually, there is a Ram Laddu shop in Delhi’s famous market Lajpat Nagar where you will find a long line of people eating Ram Laddu. Ram Laddu is written in big letters on this shop. This is a very old shop. Earlier there used to be a small stall here, but now a shop has been purchased. Here Ram Laddus start being made from 10-11 am in the morning and this shop remains crowded till 9 pm.

How did the name Ram Laddu come about?

Bhaiya, who sells Ram Laddus in Lajpat Nagar, said that Ram Laddus shop is running here since 1983. The name of the owner of the shop is Ram Babu and Ram Laddu was named after him. That means these laddus have no connection with Lord Ram. His name is only Ram Laddu and that is because of the owner of the shop.

Ram Laddus is famous in Ayodhya

Similarly, on similar lines, Ram Laddus have started being sold in Ramlala’s city Ayodhya also. The name of Ram Laddu is included in the famous street food here. Ram laddu made from moong dal is very much liked by the people of Ayodhya. If you ever go to Ayodhya or are currently present in Ayodhya, then do not forget to eat Ram Laddu.

Sugar free fig laddus can be eaten even by diabetic patients, note down the recipe.

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