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Know how appropriate it is to study and work in low light, according to experts

Nowadays low brightness lighting has become a fashion. Dim red or blue lights are being installed in bars, restaurants and hotels. People are also preferring to install low light bulbs and lights in their homes. It makes the atmosphere romantic and attractive. The main reason for this is that low lighting gives a calm and pleasant atmosphere. Which is comfortable for the eyes, but working and reading in low light can also cause many health related problems. Let’s know about it…

Experts believe that working for a long time in low light puts pressure on the eyes, due to which the eye muscles get tired. It can cause problems like burning of eyes, dry feeling and blurred vision. Long-term effects may include eye strain, cataracts, and other serious diseases. 

Has negative effects 
Low light can negatively affect many people. It can cause anxiety, depression and emotional deterioration. Adequate light not only helps wake up our body, but also improves our mood and overall mental health. 

Inability to sleep properly 
Working in low light can also disrupt the sleep cycle. Natural light helps balance our body’s cycles, and a lack of it can lead to sleep problems. Experts also recommend that there should be proper lighting at the work place. If you work at night, you should use lights that do not put too much strain on the eyes.

Having back pain  
While working in low light, it becomes difficult to see clearly whatever we are doing. For this reason when we There is less light in the room, and when we are writing, the tip of the pen or pencil is not visible properly. Or if we do any work, we have to bend down and look  Due to this, due to not being able to maintain the correct sitting posture, one starts feeling pain and fatigue in the back, neck and shoulders.


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