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Monkey fever can be fatal due to one mistake, know the ways to avoid it from experts

Monkey Fever: These days, there is fear among everyone regarding monkey fever. For the last few days, Monkey Fever i.e. Kyasanur Forest Disease (KFD) is being seen in Karnataka. It is spread through infected ticks. So far two people have lost their lives due to this fever. So far this year, 49 positive cases of monkey fever have been found in Karnataka. An alert has been issued regarding this in some areas of Kerala also. In such a situation, let us know how dangerous monkey fever is, can it also be fatal…

How is monkey fever spreading?

Monkey fever i.e. Kyasanur Forest Disease is spread by the bite of Haemaphysalis genes i.e. infected ticks. Ticks of the genus Haemaphysalis spinigera mainly bite monkeys. After this, when monkeys pass through wild areas, they spread the virus to new people. Humans become infected through tick bites or contact with the blood or tissue of infected animals. The infection can also be spread by eating contaminated food or consuming unpasteurized milk from infected animals. The most important thing is that monkey fever person to person transmission is quite rare.

Symptoms of Monkey Fever


headache, muscle pain

Vomiting and excessive secretion of blood

excessive bleeding in severe cases

nervous system problems

treatment of monkey fever

There is no specific treatment for KFD i.e. monkey fever. The risk can be reduced only by vaccination and protection from ticks as well as by wearing covered clothes. To avoid monkey fever, one should avoid going to forested areas. If you go there, you should be careful. Be careful even when visiting places where the disease has been transmitted. To reduce the impact of ticks on the skin, cover the body with clothes. Anti tick repellent can be used on skin and clothes. Direct contact with monkeys and their living places should be avoided. If any symptoms are seen, all members of the family should be examined. Treatment should be sought from a doctor immediately. Let us tell you that symptoms appear only 5 to 21 days after coming in contact with monkey fever virus, which last for two to four weeks.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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