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Not getting benefit from walking, know where mistakes are happening

Walking Mistake: You can improve your health by walking a few kilometers every day. Walking is considered to be the best exercise. You do not need to set aside time for daily walking. You can take a walk even while doing normal work. However, due to some mistakes while walking, the body does not get full benefit. In such a situation, if you go out for a walk every day, then avoid making these 5 mistakes…

What are the benefits of walking?

According to Harvard Health, walking just a few steps every day provides many benefits to the body. Of these, five are the most prominent. Walking activates genes responsible for weight loss. It reduces the desire to eat sweets, reduces the risk of breast cancer, strengthens the immune system and also improves the movement of joints.

Don’t make 5 mistakes while walking

1. Skipping things that increase energy

You will not get the benefit of walking unless you increase its distance every day. To walk more, you need energy, which will come from proper eating habits. Therefore, there should be no shortage of protein foods, healthy carbs foods and hydration in your diet. Because this reduces energy and one does not get the full benefit of the walk.

2. Not warming up

Do not forget to warm up and cool down before walking, because this is also a type of exercise, which works to prepare the muscles. Some stretching must be done before and after the walk. This reduces swelling and pain and increases flexibility-recovery.

3. Wrong posture

Most people unknowingly adopt wrong posture while walking. Due to this one does not get the full benefit of the walk. While walking, one should walk straight. The shoulders should be straight, while there should not be a bend in the waist. You can reap the benefits of walking only by keeping your stomach muscles tight and the position of your soles correct.

4. Keep walking at one speed

While working out, one should never keep the body in one motion. Similarly, one should not maintain the same speed while walking. According to your comfortable speed, walk faster to increase the physical challenge. Continue on the inclined path also. This burns calories and increases stamina.

5. Wearing ill-fitting shoes

Shoes are used to cushion the feet while walking. In such a situation, if the shoes are of wrong fitting then the walk will not be beneficial. Therefore, shoes should be neither too loose nor too tight. Wearing properly fitting shoes greatly reduces the risk of sprained feet, blisters and other injuries. With this you can walk for a long time.

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