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Serotonin hormone is responsible for anger, so can anger be reduced by taking medicine?

Anger Hormone: Feeling angry is a normal thing. Even people who are usually calm sometimes get angry. But getting angry again and again is a problem. Many times we see that people do not control themselves when angry.

Sometimes people do something in momentary anger which they later regret. But have you ever wondered what is the biological reason for anger? What kind of changes take place in our body and mind during this period of anger? In this article we will give you information about this-

This hormone is responsible

If we talk about the hormone responsible for anger, then ‘serotonin hormone’ is responsible for it. Due to lack of serotonin, people get more angry. Its deficiency can be overcome by healthy food. You will find it interesting to know that apart from anger, emotions like love, happiness, sentimentality etc. in our body are controlled by hormones.

What is the effect of anger

Anger affects our body and mind negatively. Because of this the mind becomes restless. Blood pressure and fast heartbeat start happening due to anger. When angry, the amount of oxygen in the body also reduces.

How to control anger

The best way to control anger is to calm down immediately and go somewhere alone. When you get angry, it would be better to divert your attention from the thing due to which you are getting angry. Food also affects anger, hence do not consume intoxicants. You can reduce your anger problem by eating fruits, juices and nutritious food.

You can take doctor’s advice

If you get angry over small things then it is a big problem. You can take advice from a psychiatrist to deal with this. During this time, it is important that you openly tell your angry habit to the doctor without any hesitation.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.


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