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Special Sheermal Roti is available at this place in Delhi, know why Nawab liked it?

Sheermaal Roti, the crown of Mughlai feasts, rules the hearts of foodies with its sweetness and creamy texture. You can enjoy eating it with spicy Nihari or with Korma. If you are a vegetarian, you can taste it with Shahi Paneer and Dal Makhani. Sheermaal Roti is a name that reminds of Nawabi heritage and royal taste. This roti, which came from Persia during the Mughal rule, made a special place in Indian kitchens. Let us know where it is available in Delhi and why it is liked so much.

History of Sheermaal Roti 
Sheermaal Roti, which has its roots in Persia, came to the Indian subcontinent during the Mughal Empire. Its name comes from ‘sheer’ meaning milk and ‘maal’ meaning Made up of Malamal, which reflects its richness and royal taste. Sheermaal Roti became the pride of Nawabi and royal kitchens, where it was served on special occasions and feasts. 

Where to get Sheermaal Roti in Delhi
Delhi In the old markets of Delhi, especially around Jama Masjid and in the streets of Chandni Chowk, there are many shops and restaurants that serve Sheermal Roti.  Some of these old shops have been making this traditional dish for hundreds of years, whose taste and quality is unmatched. Gate There is a straight street going in front of Gate No.1, the name of this street is Ballimaran. This street is very famous for food and drinks. There are many shops of Sheermal Roti in these streets.  

The secret of Nawabs’ choice
There are many reasons why Nawabs liked Sheermal Roti. Firstly, its unique taste and texture which suited the standard of royal cuisine. Secondly, high quality ingredients were used in making it, which was a symbol of royal food.

Benefits of Sheermaal Roti 

  • Source of energy< /strong>: Sheermaal roti contains high amounts of carbohydrates, making it a good energy source. This is very beneficial especially in the winter season, when the body needs more energy.
  • Aid in digestion: The small amount of ghee present in Sheermal helps digestion. Ghee is a healthy fat that helps keep the digestive system smooth.
  •  Nutritious: Sheermaal Roti is not only rich in taste but it also helps in keeping the hunger satiated for a long time. Consuming it makes you feel satisfied for a long time, thereby avoiding unnecessary hunger.
  • Unique blend of aroma and taste: The sweetness of milk and ghee used in Sheermal Roti gives it a unique taste and aroma. This is especially an option for those who love sweet dishes. 



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