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Why is this chapter of CBSE syllabus going viral on social media? People are making such comments, you will be surprised to know

Recently the examinations of various boards are going to start. But at present the CBSE Board is being discussed the most. The reason for which is not the board exam but a chapter present in the class 9 book. On which a large number of people have given their feedback in the recent past.

Actually, a post is going viral very fast on social media. In which there is a chapter of Value Education Test Book of Class 9th. The name of this chapter is Dating and Relationship. In this chapter the focus has been on things like ghosting, cat fishing and cyber bullying. People are looking at this chapter from different perspectives, some are calling it a good step and some are making funny posts on it.

However, this chapter is considered necessary according to today’s environment. From the beginning, parents tell children to be cautious about bullying, phishing etc. But many children are not able to understand his words properly. In such a situation, this chapter can prove to be very useful in their life.  

9th class textbooks nowadays ✅🙏🏻

— khushi (@nashpateee) January 30, 2024

Users responded  

Discussion has also started among social media users regarding this chapter. After this post surfaced, many people are remembering their school days. This post has been viewed more than 8 lakh times so far and there are a lot of likes and comments on it. Many users also described such chapters as very important. He also praised CBSE. Another user said that I have to read the entire chapter. At the same time, another user said that I believe this is a positive step. In this age of internet, children have to face many things. Teaching children to understand themselves and their peers will benefit them in the long run.​

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