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Study: Children who use their phones for so many hours every day are at greater risk of suicide! pay attention

Smartphone Side Effects: Nowadays smartphones, laptops and other gadgets have become the world. Even older children are spending many hours with them. There are many children and adults who become restless if they do not receive a phone call for some time. It is very difficult for them to spend even some time without it. A study report regarding this is surprising.

It has been said in the report that smartphone addiction can make one mentally ill. This study states that people who use phones for more than four hours a day have a negative impact on their mental health and may become addicted to it. Therefore, it should be used carefully and sparingly. Let us know the side effects of phone addiction in children…

How does smartphone affect children’s health?

According to the study, in the last few years the craze for mobile phones has increased significantly among the youth, especially among minors and teenagers. Which is having a direct impact on their mental health. Along with this, there are many other problems also.

Side effects of smartphones on children’s health

1. Insomnia and sleep related problems

2. Eye related problems

3. Musculoskeletal Disorder

How long should children use smartphones?

In this study by the team of Hanyang University Medical Center of Korea, data of more than 50,000 minors was analyzed. According to this study, minor children who use smartphones for more than 4 hours every day have more stress problems. Such people also have a lot of suicidal thoughts. Smartphone addiction is very dangerous. This study was published in the open-access journal PLOS One, which states that minors who use smartphones for 1 to 2 hours daily have fewer problems than those who use them more.

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