Home Health Surya Kumar Yadav has sports hernia, what is this disease and who are at greater risk?

Surya Kumar Yadav has sports hernia, what is this disease and who are at greater risk?

Surya Kumar Yadav has sports hernia, what is this disease and who are at greater risk?

Surya Kumar Yadav Sports Hernia: Indian cricket team’s brilliant batsman Surya Kumar Yadav, who is also known as Sky, has sports hernia. This disease is similar to hernia but sports hernia mostly occurs in athletes. Sports Hernia is a special type of medical condition. This happens especially to athletes i.e. sports persons. If this problem happens to a sports person then it can cause a lot of trouble. Actually, physical activity, running around in this causes strain on the muscles and affects the joints. Due to which it gets torn or injured. This medical condition is called sports hernia. If it is not treated on time, it can cause a lot of problems. This stressful athletic can cause a lot of trouble. Recently, cricketer Suryakumar Yadav has been diagnosed with sports hernia. After which the discussion about sports hernia is in full swing on social media. The player is going to undergo surgery soon. Due to which he will remain out of the field for some time.

What is sports hernia?

Sports hernia is also known as athletic pubalgia, sportsman’s hernia and Gilmore’s groin. If the lower part of the stomach gets injured due to any reason, it can cause chronic pain. Sports hernia occurs due to injury. Its initial symptom is burning sensation in the chest. Due to which the entire area starts becoming painful and sensitive. You should not consider sports hernia as a common hernia. In the language of medical science, sports hernia is called “athletic pubalgia”. Although the symptoms of hernia and sports hernia are normal. Its initial symptoms include mild pain in the lower abdomen and waist. Tissues start getting damaged.

How can sports hernia be cured?

In hernia disease, pain starts in the lower part of the stomach. If it is not controlled in time, it can take a serious form. In this, rest, physical therapy and corticosteroids can be controlled. Sports hernia can be cured even without surgery. But if hernia has taken a serious form then it is very important to get surgery done. If the patient is having pain for a long time. Then there may be a situation of surgery.

How long does it take to recover from a sports hernia?

Sports hernia may take time to heal. With modern treatment, its symptoms can be seen and improved in 6-8 weeks. After recovering from hernia, players can recover and return to the game between 6-12 weeks.

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