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Japan shaken again by strong earthquake, no tsunami warning yet

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Strong earthquake tremors were felt again in Japan. A magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck central Japan on Tuesday, but no tsunami warning has been issued yet. The Japan Meteorological Agency said the quake struck off the coast of the Sea of ​​Japan, hitting the same part of the country where a powerful earthquake devastated parts of central Japan on Jan. 1. The earthquake caused widespread destruction and the death toll exceeded 200. Officials said 100 were still unaccounted for.

161 people have died so far in the earthquake

There was a dangerous earthquake in Japan on the very first day of this year. An earthquake of 7.6 magnitude caused devastation across the country. A warning was issued regarding tsunami. Also, there was a possibility of more earthquakes in the future. So far 161 people have died in the earthquake that occurred on January 1. Hundreds of shops and houses were damaged. After the earthquake on January 1, there is a power crisis in many houses. Residents of Japan’s Ishikawa province are facing power cuts. 1,900 homes in Anamizu were without power and about 20,000 homes in Ishikawa Prefecture were without power. Telephone service is also down.

Warning of landslide danger in Noto Peninsula

Thousands of people left homeless overnight by the earthquake that hit Japan’s west coast a week ago are living in a state of fatigue and uncertainty. Rescue efforts after the 7.6 magnitude earthquake involved thousands of soldiers, firefighters and police searching for people under debris on Monday. Authorities have warned of the danger of landslides in the Noto Peninsula in Ishikawa prefecture, where the earthquakes occurred. This danger has increased due to snowfall.

Nearly 30,000 people became homeless after the earthquake

Of those who died in the earthquake, 70 died in Wajima, 70 in Suzu, 11 in Anamizu and the rest in four cities. At least 103 people are still missing, 565 are injured and 1,390 houses have been destroyed or significantly damaged. About 30,000 people are staying in schools, auditoriums and other evacuation centers after the earthquake and are worried about cases of COVID-19 infection and other diseases. People in shelter homes are still forced to sleep on the cold floor. Many people are suffering from fatigue and anxiety and many are mourning.

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